ACMI Identifier
New Jack City
Creator & Role
Warner Bros, distributor
Warner Bros, production company
Doug McHenry, co-producer
George Jackson, co-producer
Mario Van Peebles, director
Place of Production
United States
Creation Date
Sound / Audio
This gangster movie for the 90's has a hard hitting anti drug message, and an enigmatic villain in Nino Brown (Wesley Snipes), a seemingly untouchable drug baron. Brown is a self made man, an entrepreneurial success - the only problem is, he's made his money from crack. He also has a curious sense of communal loyalty, sharing his wealth with the community around him (and who love him for this generosity), despite supplying a substance that kills. Hot on his tail are the angels, 2 unconventional police officers Scotty and Nick (Ice-T, Judd Nelson) who will stop at nothing to rid the New York City streets of Nino Brown's power. Brown has converted an abandoned Harlem apartment building into an impenetrable fortress which houses his gang, the Cash Money Brothers. This building must be infiltrated and the only way to do it is to send someone in undercover. Initially they send an ex drug addict (Chris Rock), but when he is unsuccessful, it's left to Scotty to play the part of a drug dealer and make his way to Nino Brown himself. Cast also includes Vanessa Williams.
Audience Classification
R (18+)
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