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Ocean's eleven
Creator & Role
Roadshow Television, distributor
Warner Bros, production company
Village Roadshow Pictures, production company
NPV Entertainment, production company
Jerry Weintraub, producer
Steven Soderbergh, director
Place of Production
United States
Creation Date
Sound / Audio
Soderbergh followed up his Oscar winning film "Traffic" with "Ocean's eleven" - a remake of the 1960 Rat Pack film (starring Sinatra, Dean Martin et al) of the same name. Like the original, the plot is a daring heist of several casinos in one grand night. Danny Ocean takes the lead role of the film as the gang chief and mastermind of the scheme. His unruly crew consist of Rusty (best buddy), Reuben (moneyman), Frank (croupier), Linus (pickpocket), Saul (aging con artist), Basher (explosives expert), Dell (technical expert), Virgil and Turk (two daft brothers providing comic relief) and Yen (acrobat). Ocean fails to tell the crew that his target (and motive) is to sting the new boyfriend of his ex-wife and owner of the casinos that will be hit. Soderbergh plays "Ocean's eleven" largely for laughs, rather than with any tension typical of a caper film and with a touch of romance thrown in for good measure. Great care is taken to display the technical complexity of the job and dexterity of the crew, with much of the film devoted to the set-up. "Ocean's eleven" has a cool, smooth engaging rhythm that prioritises aesthetics over any sense of real characterisation.
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Feature films
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Motion picture remakes
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Crime, Espionage, Justice, Police & Prisons/Robbery
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