ACMI Identifier
Live and let die (Special edition)
Creator & Role
Twentieth Century-Fox Television, distributor
Danjaq, production company
Harry Saltzman, co-producer
Albert R. Broccoli, co-producer
Guy Hamilton, director
Place of Production
United Kingdom
Creation Date
Sound / Audio
Episode of Series "James Bond".
Live and let die heralded the arrival of Roger Moore as 007, it also featured a pre title sequence in which James Bond does not appear. Instead, there are the deaths of 3 agents, including a funeral procession which turns into street party and murder at a voodoo ceremony. 007 is entrusted with finding a connection between the deaths and travels to Harlem where he is exposed to a network of African Americans working for "Mr Big" (Yaphet Kotto). On the Caribbean island of San Monique he encounters Dr Katanga, owner of a large plantation of opium poppies. Accompanied by inept agent Rosie Carver (Gloria Hendry), Bond only has eyes for Solitaire (Jane Seymour), secret weapon of Dr Katanga's with her fortune telling capabilities that are in danger of disappearing, should she fall in love. Shot on location in New Orleans (which also dictated a lot of the action sequences), notable scenes include a double decker bus chase, crocodiles snapping at 007's heels, snakes (of varying degrees of realism), and a hook handed henchman.
Special Features
Inside "Live and let die" ; On the set with Roger Moore ; Original trailers
Audience Classification
M (15+)
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Feature films/Feature films - Great Britain
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Action & Adventure/Action films
Subject Group
Crime, Espionage, Justice, Police & Prisons/Spies
Advertising, Film, Journalism, Mass Media & TV/Motion picture trailers
Economics, Philosophy, Politics, Religion & Sociology/Voodooism
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