ACMI Identifier
For your eyes only (Special edition)
Creator & Role
Twentieth Century-Fox Television, distributor
Danjaq, production company
Albert R. Broccoli, producer
John Glen, director
Place of Production
United Kingdom
Creation Date
Sound / Audio
Episode of Series "James Bond".
When a British electronic surveillance submarine goes missing in the Ionian Sea, alarm bells sound due to the precious cargo that has also disappeared; ATAC, automatic targeting attack communicator - in the wrong hands it could bring the entire naval system to its knees. Code named Operation Undertow, Bond (Roger Moore) is sent to interview the only witness to the murder of a Greek marine archaeologist enlisted to help in the retrieval of the vessel, a beautiful brunette archer called Melina (Carol Boquet). Featuring high on the list of suspects are enemies Aristotle Kristasos (Julian Glover) and Columbo/The Dove (Topol), both of whom would want to locate ATAC. Highlights include Bond partaking in impressive down hill skiing with an impressionable and doe eyed young skater (professional ice skater Lynn-Holly Johnson), a vicious ice hockey practice, being dragged behind a boat as shark bait, and receiving a complimentary call from a faux Margaret Thatcher. Opening with Bond by the graveside of his wife then a passenger in Blofeld's Remote Control airways, the film moves from one action packed stunt to the next and culminates in a cliff top assault. It is also the first Bond film to be based on one of Ian Fleming's short stories rather than on a novel.
Special Features
Inside "For your eyes only" ; Music video ; Original theatrical trailers
Audience Classification
M (15+)
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Crime, Espionage, Justice, Police & Prisons/Espionage
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