ACMI Identifier
Hold: vessel #1 and vessel #2
Alternative Title
Diving pool
Creator & Role
Lynette Wallworth, creator
Place of Production
Creation Date
Sound / Audio
Audio Format/Stereo
Hold: Vessel 1 is a magical interactive experience in which visitors to the gallery try to catch a mesmerizing series of projected visions in a delicate glass bowl - echoing the wondrous views of the world made possible with the first microscopes, underwater cameras and astronomical cinematography.
Lynette Wallworth began her career in photography, and has also worked in short film, installation and performance. She creates installation spaces that require activation by the participant/viewer. To collect the images used in Hold: Vessel 1 she collaborated with scientific image libraries and specialist cinematographers, as part of her ongoing investigation into imaging technologies that enable us to see the world in ways otherwise inaccessible to the naked human eye. Hold: Vessel 1 consists of video projections with directional sound scape beamed from above into a darkened space. The visitor is invited to take hold of a glass bowl and catch the images within it, finding the point at which the vision is most clear and resolved. A personal portal opens to us as we cradle the bowl in our hands. Imagery in 'Hold' is derived mainly from Australian scientists and specialist cinematographers including: David Hannan, who has adapted medical imaging technology to film extreme macro images of the Great Barrier Reef, Anya Salih, who investigates coral fluorescence and Greg Rouse, Marine Biologist. The work is designed as a vessel to hold a changing pool of imagery. Hold: Vessel 1 will change in time as time changes the environments it reflects.
Digital Art