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Sample people [DVD]
Creator & Role
Magna Pacific, distributor
South Australian Film Corporation, production company
Living Motion Pictures, production company
Emile Sherman, co-producer
Barton Smith, co-producer
Clinton Smith, director
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English, DVD Audio language
Phil's falafel shop is where it all goes down - some peoples' lives culminate in a single defining moment and how they all get to that point over a forty-eight hour period is the storyline. Set in 1990s Sydney, the drug and techno music lifestyle of a group of young men and women is explored. DJ Lush Puppy (Nathalie Roy), the good-looking girl DJ and skateboard rider, is friend of Jess (Kylie Minogue) who is working in the sleazy underworld crime scene. Jess and her beau (Simon Lyndon) aim to make off with some cash, leaving the gangster lifestyle behind. Homeboy Joey and his mate Gus have a gun and not much to occupy their time except to be wild and crazy out on the streets. Sam (Joel Edgerton) has a premonition that his girlfriend is going to overdose and wants to get out of town on a holiday. Nightclubbing, sex and hallucinogenic trips send the friends into a spin and pursuit by the upset gangsters sets up some tension - all leading them to Phil's Falafels where an armed robbery and death occur. Some lighter moments and one-liners aim to relieve the tense atmosphere, as does the rock/techno soundtrack. Cast includes: Ben Mendelsohn, David Field, Paula Arundell, Justin Rosniak, Matthew Wilkinson, Gandhi MacIntyre, Dorian Nkono.
Audience Classification
Feature films
Feature films/Feature films - Australia
Subject Group
Crime, Espionage, Justice, Police & Prisons/Organized crime
Anthropology, Ethnology, Exploration & Travel/Sydney (N.S.W.) - Social life and customs
Food, Health, Lifestyle, Medicine, Psychology & Safety/Drugs
Food, Health, Lifestyle, Medicine, Psychology & Safety/Hallucinogenic drugs
Food, Health, Lifestyle, Medicine, Psychology & Safety/Violence
Advertising, Film, Journalism, Mass Media & TV/DJs (Disc jockeys)
Food, Health, Lifestyle, Medicine, Psychology & Safety/Convenience foods
Food, Health, Lifestyle, Medicine, Psychology & Safety/Youth - Conduct of life
Music & Performing Arts/Dance music
Music & Performing Arts/Electronic music
Music & Performing Arts/DJs (Disc jockeys)
Family, Gender Identity, Relationships & Sexuality/Violence
Economics, Philosophy, Politics, Religion & Sociology/Violence
Family, Gender Identity, Relationships & Sexuality/Youth - Conduct of life
Hobbies, Recreation & Sport/Nightclubs
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DVD; Access Print (Section 1)
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